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Mining Engineering Services

Mining engineering services

  • Provide expertise and direction for mining project
  • Mine planning and optimization /LOM
  • Mine design and Mining infrastructure design
  • Reserves and Resources estimations ( JORC and NI 341)
  • Mining Software selection
  • Risk management
  • Supply chain design and methodology.
  • Mine design and mine infrastructure design
  • Audit and solutions findings in mine productions issues.
  • Advise in cost savings in existing mines.
  • Develop scoop of work for contractors selections
  • Assist and contract development
  • Engineer out Quarry project from A to Z

Mining analysis and economics

  • Feasibility study
  • Contract management
  • Government representatively in mining firm Board
  • Profitability and optimization of cash and RIE (Return OnEquity)
  • Analyze best value for the investment and provide sensitivitystudy.
  • Audit in contract negotiation

Mining analysis and economics:


  • Expertise in geology, geochemistry, geophysics, mineralogy.
  • The target selection and development of existing target.
  • Prefeasibility study and feasibility study for bothUnderground and surface mining.
  • Ore body modeling
  • Resources calculation
  • Provide grade control solution for existing mine.


To achieve it mission, IVENTUS mining mobilize professional, mining engineers, economists, geologists with more 15years experiences with proven record in the industry. Its expertise will convert the following: